Room Rates


All rooms are nicely furnished in a modern style with glass windows and a lot of space. In-room facilities include air-con, flat screen TV,fridge with minibar, shower/bathtub, etc. A separate comfy living area with a dining table is available in the Family Studio

Room Family01   Room Family02   Room Family03 

Family Studio

Room Studio A01  Room Studio A02  Room Studio A03

Studio A

Room Studio B01  Room Studio B02  Room Studio B03

Studio B

Special Rates

Room Types  Bed  Rate  Weekly Monthly
Standard 1 1,200 5,250 19,500
Twin 2 1,300 5,600 21,000
Studio A 1 1,700 6,300 24,000
Studio B 1 1,500 5,950 22,500
Family Studio 1  3,000 12,950 52,500


Room Standard01  Room Standard02  Room Standard03


Room Twin01  Room Twin02  Room Twin03